Listening When Your Body Says STOP

Hello and Happy Hump Day!

I am so thrilled because my three best friends from college are coming to San Francisco tomorrow! I am meeting at the airport and we are immediately headed to Sonoma for an afternoon of delicious wine tasting. Going to wine country is a dream of mine and I can’t wait to experience it with three of my favorite people!

in_the_vineyardHalf Training and THE INJURY

I am training for the Golden Gate Half Marathon on November 8, and joined my first running group trained by Marathon Matt as a way to meet some new people in my new city. Last Saturday we did a solid 6 miles starting at A Runner’s Mind and going down through the Presidio and along the water and back. I felt great, and I quickly showered and headed to brunch at The Tipsy Pig to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Sunday I wanted more so I tried out an 1.5 hour yoga class at Yoga Mayu near my apartment. Toward the end of class I came down out of wheel and the room was spinning. Thinking I had done something like hold my breath too long in the pose, I made my way home as best as I could and the rest of the day felt pretty loopy.

Turns out I have mild vertigo, which is kind of awful. You feel dizzy every time you quickly move your head. After repeatedly performing exercises to improve the situation, I decided to run an easy 3 miles on Tuesday morning. Big mistake – I felt terrible for most of the day and would occasionally stumble a bit while walking. It’s clear I need to take it easy until this situation is remedied.

Accepting Rest

My issue is I HATE not moving my body. Partially because I’m in the midst of my training and am competitive, partially because I have a fear that if I don’t work out I’ll gain 5 pounds in a week (this is when the negative self talk comes into play).

Yet the Lord works in mysterious ways…tonight I listened to one of my favorite podcasters, Chalene Johnson. She did a podcast about learning to rest and how crucial it is to ongoing success (check out Give Yourself Permission to Rest – Seasons of Success).


It gave me comfort and hope. If I want to return to training sooner rather than later, I’ll need to take it easy until the situation is remedied.

Embracing Fun Over Fear

Now knowing my situation, I know I need to embrace the fun with my friends, be careful to not move my head, and trust myself that I’ll approach the weekend with a balanced mind & body, rather than fearing the results. Awareness and appreciation of the moment are key.

How about you? Have you ever experienced vertigo? Are you frustrated when you can’t exercise and how do you manage?


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